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1. Your Yardage Book will allow the golfer to map out the golf course and dramatically improve their scores by allowing them to have a tool that keeps them present and making the best decisions.
2. Your Yardage Book will also allow for the amateur golfer to solidify their Routine; By reviewing the Routine Page in Your Yardage Book it will remind a player to go through and refine their pre-shot and/or pre-putting routines.
3. The golfer will know the best recovery spots when they miss the fairway to the right or left using Your Yardage Book, so that par is still possible.
4. The player will be able to continually develop their perspective and have a tool that allows them to stay focused on making good decisions based on incredibly accurate information using Your Yardage Book that they have gathered first hand from their perspective.
5. Using Your Yardage Book, each green can be mapped out and diagrammed so that the golfer knows the best landing spots on the green in relation to pin placement, the undulations and the breaks for ultimate scoring advantages. The goal of Your Yardage Book is to get the user to play better golf by changing the way he or she sees the golf course and what is possible using accurate information by mapping the golf course from their perspective. Your Yardage Book is an introspective tool, that if used properly, will allow the golfer to begin improving their game by getting them to play in a much more  comprehensive way, approaching golf from a superior vantage point causing them to make better decisions on the golf course. Mapping out the course in Your Yardage Book will allow them to obtain the vital information necessary to play at a higher level at a faster rate; much faster, than merely playing a course and then attempting to remember all of the key elements needed to achieve better scores. In order to improve scores, the golfer must change the way he or she is interacting with the golf course! Your Yardage Book can and will assist with this interaction.
Your Yardage Book is a personal map that you create of a golf course allowing you to score well because you understand the high points and the pitfalls of the golf course you choose to play.
You have personally mapped out this course and created a tool that will allow you to play this course in your mind, understand what you are capable of as a golfer and have very clear goals established for each hole.
With a Your Yardage Book your ability to manage any golf course according to your perspective will become something that you do with ease. You will already have a plan when any shot you make is less than what you envisioned, so you can minimize your scores on each hole. You will immediately know if it is a good idea to go for the green or to take a shot that will get you to the best recovery spot on the course in order to keep your scores low.